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Scout Motors just pressed the “Level Up” button on its teaser campaign. The newest Volkswagen Group sub-brand is preparing an electric SUV and an electric pickup that the latest timelines predict for 2026, and all we’ve seen of them before now are shaded line drawings. But Scout enthusiasts are what convinced VW to resurrect the four-by-four, and the automaker wants to get them involved now. A minimalist web site at houses the above teaser for the SUV variant, a Careers page, a Press page, and a forum that’s already attracted fan attention.

As for the image, we’ve brightened it, giving us a mildly more enlightening peek at the details. There’s an embossed hood, the top of what could be a front-row bench seat, the obligatory roof rails, a skid plate down in front, and some chunky rubber. All good starts for a serious off-roader, which this will need to be. Rumor has it a concept is going to show next year, shortly followed by prototypes on the road. Magna might have a hand in development, the Austrians fresh off helping get the hardcore Ineos Grenadier to market.

The bit of poetry on the splash page ends with “We’re making the next generation of all-electric trucks and rugged SUVs for American drivers.” As far as we know, there isn’t an American driver outside of Scout Motors who knows what that means.   

Until then, the forum is the real meat. An introduction informs visitors, “Scout Motors wants to hear your feedback and speak directly to the rabid community of owners as unique as America. We’ll use the Scout Community to deliver news and information on events and launch updates directly to the group. Although the start of production is anticipated in 2026, many new developments and milestones will occur in the interim. We plan to share them with you on this site and will look for your feedback and suggestions.” VW has already chatted with big names in the vintage Scout community, one of them writing on Facebook that he spent time talking to some of the engineers and designers tasked with bringing the project to fruition and got the chance to check out early prototypes. He reported that community and history are “very important” to the folks in charge of resurrecting the Scout and they want to stay as true to the original as possible. If you know what you want from a new Scout, there’s a chance you’ll get it if you speak up.

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