Refreshed Volkswagen ID.3 reveal nears, taillights teased

The refreshed Volkswagen ID.3 will debut on March 1. The people’s carmaker teased a sketch of the subcompact hatchback in December, pledging that “the design has matured and we’ve upgraded the materials used in the interior.” Tech treats include a new infotainment system with better performance and a 12-inch touchscreen. The teaser campaign continues on LinkedIn with a clip of the coming taillights. The units are the same basic shape as those on the current car and feature the same crosshatch pattern and “X” design. VW says they show of new “two part reversing light,” but we’re going to have to see the real deal to understand the difference from the current car.

The “comprehensive upgrade” will also install new software with improved performance and over-the-air updates, plug-and-play EV charging, and the “latest generation of fully integrated assist systems” with Travel Assist with Swarm Data, parking assistance with memory, and refinements to adaptive lane guidance. 

The good news for buyers is that the entry-level price of the refreshed car hasn’t changed, holding steady at €43,995 ($47,024 U.S.) for the Life trim. Business, Style, Max, and Tour will sit above, as they do now. The potential good news is that the facelift could introduce the GTX hot hatch trim we’ve been hearing about for a while. The bad news is that even with production planned for three factories, intenders who go their names on the list early won’t get their cars until Q4 of this year at the earliest thanks to the amount of orders.

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