Mopar adds Jeep hose-down interior parts to accessory catalog

Miss the days of Jeeps shipping with shiny vinyl seats and nearly-bare floors designed to be easily washed out after a weekend of wheeling? Well, you’re in luck; Mopar is adding some heavy-duty interior upgrades to the Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) catalog to make things a little easier for owners who like to get their Wranglers dirty. 

There’s certainly nothing new about hose-down interiors in Jeeps, but as Wranglers have advanced, so too have their interiors. Every electronic bit and bob increases the opportunity for mischief whenever a hose is involved, but despite this, the typical challenge one faces when cleaning out a modern Wrangler is dealing with the carpeting and seat upholstery — no longer hose-down-friendly vinyl, but often cloth and/or leather. Jeep’s carpeted footwells are warmer and more comfortable than the nearly bare basins of old (and let in a lot less tire roar), but they have to be removed for a thorough cleaning. 

Mopar’s new offerings have you covered on both fronts, and buyers are free to mix-and-match. Part one is a new floor system that replaces the standard carpeting with an all-weather surface that incorporates pop-out drains lined up with those in the floor pan, giving water an easy route out of the cabin during a hose-down. Jeep says this new floor system is still lined to offer both thermal protection and NVH mitigation. And then there are the new seat covers, which are vinyl and supplied by Katzkin. Mopar says they resist water, mildew, scuffs, tears, kids and spills (their words) and as you can see from the above video, they can be hosed down while installed in the car. 

For now, both are available only for four-door Wrangler variants, and per Jeep’s announcement, are only available on select models; the JPP online store will let you shop by year and trim. The heavy-duty floor system will set you back $995; the seats, $1,695. Both of those prices include professional installation at a Mopar Custom Shop. 

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