Kia returns to the Super Bowl with the tale of

Kia returns to the ranks of Super Bowl commercials for 2023 with a new spot featuring its updated 2023 Telluride. While we can’t imagine that the crossover referred to internally as the “Sell-u-ride” really needs much marketing support, a refresh is as good an excuse as any to raid those marketing coffers. This year, Kia follows the adventure of “Binky Dad” in his quest to fetch his daughter’s lost pacifier, which naturally takes him over just about every bit of terrain you might encounter upon leaving the civilized confines of Southern California for the not-so-civilized mountains of … probably also California. But Telluride is in Colorado? It’s not important. Also, there’s some football. 

Now, we have a serious bone to pick with the writers of this spot, and we say this as fans of colorful cars: While the earnest-father-who-doesn’t-truly-know-his-own-children trope is tried and true, let’s be real: There’s no way the owner of a car that blue forgets that it’s also his kid’s favorite color of binky. An epic off-road trek to recover a binky? Sure. A spontaneous police escort? Fine. But there’s just no way Blue Telluride Dad™ is making that mistake. 

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